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ATM Benefits

We offer free ATM placement and full service, including cash loading.


Having an ATM adds an additional source of revenue for your business.


It lowers your credit card costs.


And it creates a habitual stop for customers.

You become their one stop shop.


Free ATM

All for Free

We offer a FREE ATM to new clients as well as free installation, cash loading, free processing, window light and outdoor signs for your store. We share revenue by direct depositing right into your account on the 10th of every month. Your monthly transaction report will be emailed on the 10th as well.

What You Need

All the merchant needs is a signed contract, power source, and a connection to either a shared phone line or internet router. We can also set up a wireless connection that is independent of your phone line or internet at no cost.


You Provide


Power Source

110-120 volt power source +
1 basic power source


Standard phone line or CAT 5E network plug +
1 Open Ethernet port on your router

We Provide


Prefer to buy your own ATM?
We can help with that too.

No Charge


CMS offers no charge processing for all ATMS.
Free processing allows you to earn the full transaction surcharge.


CMS also offers a vaulting service.
We load all cash funds in the ATM for a negotiated fee
or a percentage based on monthly transactions.


For Submission



Direct Deposit

This form is for banking account information for ownership of an ATM.

Your Contact Information

This form is for information about your store.



We can provide multiple ATMs for outdoor or indoor events as well as fully service the ATMs at no cost.  


We install the ATMs before the event, load the cash, monitor the transactions throughout the event, and pick up the ATMs at the end of the event.


All we need from you is a source of power to the ATMs.


We can also provide weather tents if there is a possibility of rain.


We charge 2.75 per transaction. If you are interested in receiving a portion of the surcharge, we can charge 3.50 and pay you .75 per transaction. If we make over 200 transactions, we can pay you 1.00 for each transaction.


If you have any further questions, contact Ethan Tindell at 405-921-2792.



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